The Joint Management Committee sponsors and participates in events over the the year.

For our Bird Workshop & Bird Walk five (5) birders came from St. John’s two (2) whom co-guided the tour for the ‘Bird Walk’ Alison Mews & Ed Hayden. We have no idea how many people come to our estuary until you talk to the birders themselves, so this is the reason it was important for the JMC to partner with SAM to take this funding opportunity offered by Environment Canada to get Phase 1 done so this ‘jewel in our mist’ can be properly marketed. Shearstown Estuary is one of the areas on the Avalon where they are doing a bird count.

Birding Workshop and Bird Walk – August 2015

On August 28, 2015, the Joint Management Committee organized a “Birding Workshop and Bird Walk” which was enjoyed by all who attended.  The event took place at the Royal Canadian Legion in Spaniard’s Bay.  it was jointly sponsored by the Joint Management Committee (JMC Inc.), Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (C PAWS, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), and Stewardship Association of Municipalities (SAM).

Suzanne Douley of C PAWS. was guest speaker.  Presentations were given on behalf and Ducks Unlimited, SAM, and the JMC Inc.  All took questions and comments from the audience.

A light supper was served followed by a guided bird watching walk around Arnie’s Pond and Shearstown Pond


Impressive list of species in our estuary on August 28 posted on E-Birds
Alison Mews, Edmund Hayden
Comments: posted on E-Bird Website
Co-guided a tour with Ed Hayden for JMC Inc & SAM Inc the tour lasted one hour
Species…22 species (+1 other taxa) total
50- American Black Duck
4 -Northern Pintail
2-Common Loon
2-Double-crested Cormorant
1 -Osprey
1 -Sharp-shinned Hawk
2-Bald Eagle
3 -Black-bellied Plover
1-Spotted Sandpiper
12- Greater Yellowlegs
4- Ruddy Turnstone
1- Red Knot
11-White-rumped Sandpiper
1-Short-billed Dowitcher – this is a rare find for this species in the Arnie’s Pond area
11-Black-headed Gull
20 -Ring-billed Gull
15- Herring Gull
X- gull sp.
30- Common Tern
12- Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon
4-American Crow
2- Dark-eyed Junco
2-Savannah Sparrow

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